Joke Of The Day: Naija Mentality

All softdrinks are called mineral.
~ All Fathers came first position while at school.
~ India beat nigeria 99~1 because the ball was turned into
~ If your wealth starts reducing it’s your village people dat
are doing u.
~ Rice and stew….Every Sunday afternoon.
~ Every commodity outside Africa is original.
~ Anybody with HIV/AIDS got it via s*x.
~ She’s a Calabar girl…Chai she go sabi do.
~ Every seasonin cube is maggi.
~ U must finish the rice before u touch d meat.
~ Every toothpaste na maclean.
~ Every insecticide na Fleet
~ Every detergent na omo.
~ Any rich hausa is an ‘Alhaji’, d poor ones na ‘Aboki’…shuo!
~ U smoke, u b armed robber!
~ If u find money on d floor, pee on it before pickin it up,
else u turn to Yam!
~ Only science students are smart.
~ Once u travel overseas u must
be very rich (as if dem dey share money on the plane)
~ Drogba use juju tie Torres 4 leg…lol
~ Every girl dat plays and jokes with a boy, has slept with
~ U must buy bread when traveling.
~ When u lose a tooth, throw it on the roof of d house and
run round the house 7 times”
~ Every noodle is called indomie.
~if any girl too fine…na Ogbanje..and all the worwor pple
na witch ….
~anything wey bite u for night na mosquito.
Naija I hail oo.