Challenge: Buhari has defeated Tinubu before now and he will continue to defeat him alive or dead - Idoko

Editor's note: Public affairs analyst, Idoko Ainoko writes on the recent
politicking that was evident during the absence of President
Muhammadu Buhari in the public spehere. He writes from Kaduna state.
Read below:
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is really the odious, typical Nigerian
politician. All is fair, if it is fair with him and his clan of Western
sycophants and elsewhere. Everything must be rubbish and messy,
anytime he misses his political steps. Nigeria should go into convulsion
because one individual by the identity of Tinubu has headache last
night over a political meeting that never ended in his favour. The lust
for power is crazily pursued.
To say the obvious, Nigerian politicians can spring surprises anytime
they deem fit like now that President Muhammedu Buhari is
recuperating from an ailment. Homes have stopped functioning; offices
have closed in Nigeria; farms have stopped churning out food; markets
have closed in Nigeria.

What else? Schools too should have closed; Law chambers and courts
have also gone on sabbatical leave. And of course, roads in Nigeria,
linking diverse regions and communities have closed in the thinking of
the Tinubus. And they are very few; but equally very loud and
clandestinely pushy. All calculations are geared towards who controls
the strings of power at the center; not necessarily to offer service to
Nigerian masses, but to nourish their family fiefdoms.
Generally, Nigerian politicians never lack jobs all season. They are
always busy 24/7, scheming and plotting in empty fields. But the sane
ones among them have stopped campaigning for 2019. Yet, there are
also those who run riot about politics anytime, anywhere. They are the
wise ones. They claim God Almighty has endowed them with enough
political wisdom. They want to govern Nigeria or remote-control the
leadership of this potentially great black nation, to the extent the Great
ancient Greek philosophers would grovel before them. They are
present in all political dispensations as the back and the dark shadows.
President Buhari and Asiwaju Tinubu have maintained respect for each other in their
public utterances
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before going to London
But since President Buhari etched his sound leadership footprints on
Nigeria, these politicians now only giggle their ambitions in the
bedroom, with wives and children. They don’t speak about it in public
anymore, lest they be haunted by known and unknown foes.
If they must speak publically, the words are carefully selected,
rehearsed and measured, lest they derail shamefully. It usually comes
in the colour of press statements. But in it, they bite poisonously and
blow the air at the same time like the proverbial African rat, which
steals the comfort of your night.
But behind the scenes, they act so venomously, like hungry lions. They
prod, prop and instigate acolytes to go ahead and rock the boat. They
have just found a new fish in the soup. President Buhari is sick; he is
being treated and in his usual frankness has pleaded with Nigerians to
allow him enough time to recover sufficiently to serve them better.
This simple and inevitable plea from an innocent, sick leader has
sparked deadly emotions; intrigues and permutations. Lethal missiles
have been hurled at him. Some leaders spoke instantly; others
procrastinated, like Tinubu, until yesterday. But while hiding in his
cocoon, he unleashed his attack dogs after a detailed briefing about the
civilian coup, he intends to execute in unseating President Buhari.
He watched his minions navigate and exploit a human being’s health
condition for selfish reasons or lust for power. Please, forget that it
concerns Nigeria’s leader, President Buhari. It could have been any
other person; Tinubu inclusive.

So, Tinubu waited and when he discovered his antics anchored
through cronies failed to create the expected impact, he now painfully
issued a belated press statement feverishly denouncing everything that
has taken place. It included the grand plot to influence the National
Assembly (NASS) to unlawfully unseat President Buhari.
He denied all. He profusely denied that Nigeria is administered by a
cabal, as voiced by his undercover loyalists. He praised everything
about President Buhari’s administration, fooling himself that it would
placate Nigerian masses. He sought to distance himself from the plot
and at the same time, covertly resurrect the deep-seated hatred and
animosities against President Buhari.
But President Buhari has defeated Asiwaju Tinubu before now and he
will continue to defeat him alive or dead. It’s needless to chronicle it.
But remember the Ondo state APC governorship primary election saga
and the eventual victory of Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, who dimmed
the bad outing of Tinubu’s altar ego, Chief Olusola Oke who eventually
contested the guber polls in AD, but lost.
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Tinubu played a major role in the emergence of President Buhari as Nigeria's leader
No doubt, Asiwaju Tinubu knows the history of President Buhari’s
ascension to the presidency. What he has forgotten in a hurry is to
intimate his kinsmen, brothers, loyalists and political associates that Sai
Baba, as President Buhari is fondly called by admirers is a leader of
destiny. Like the Holy Scriptures have admonished in Isaiah 54:17; “No
weapon that is formed against thee ,shall prosper. And every tongue that
shall rise against you in judgment... shall be condemned.”