CHECK OUT 8 keys JAMB introduced to replace mouse and their uses

The 8 keys are;

1. A - for choosing option A in response
to questions

2. B - for choosing the B option

3. C - represents option C

4. D - for selecting option D

5. P – represents previous question

6. N – is for next question

7. S – is for submit

8. R – is for reverse

So far, a total of 240,000 candidates are
said to have registered for the
examination which has been scheduled
for May 20.

However, candidates have been finding
it hard to register for the examination.
Many have been lamenting about
invalid ePINs.

According to JAMB, the cause of the
invalid pin being experienced by
candidates was due to a very high rate
of candidates buying ePINS without
creating their profile first, incorrect
email address provided at the bank
teller and unforeseen technical issues in
the PIN vending system.