Joke: A Boy Wants To Be Doctor

A Boy traveled to Lagos after his WAEC
result was out so that his Uncle could help
him get admission into the University of
Lagos to study medicine & become a medical

The following conversation happened
between them:

Boy: Uncle, I learnt it’s difficult to get
admission into the university these days
u’re well connected…

Uncle: That’s true…

Boy: Since u’re connected, i came to ask u if
u can help me get admission into the
university after my JAMB….

Uncle: That’s true… am connected and I will
help u….

Boy: Thank u Uncle!

Uncle: U’re welcome…so how is your result,
is it
WAEC or NECO & how many credits do u

Boy: Uncle, it’s WAEC & i had only two
credits in
agric & Yoruba language, but I failed the
other subjects…

Uncle: Well, that’s not bad… u can still be a
doctor, but not a medical doctor really but
native doctor (Baba Alawo).

U will use your credit in Agric in collecting
herbs from the forest, & Yoruba language for