Joke: Food at GRA with oyinbo man

E get one particular restaurant wey i dey
chop 4 G.R.A. E get one oyinbo wey dey
always come chop there too…Anytime dis
oyinbo chop finish, he go shout ”Hey”, so I
wonder wetin dey make
am shout.

I decided to chop wetin d oyinbo
dey always chop so maybe me sef go shout

When I reach d restaurant yesterday evening,
I order wetin d man dey chop. Dem tell me
na chicken & red wine, so i chop am, but i no
shout, I collect extra plate, but i no still

I say dis oyinbo na mumu o, why he dey
always shout like dat now?

Na then i just vex ask 4 my bill. The waiter
tell me say one plate of chicken & red wine
na #75,000, then d extra plate too na
another #75,000.

Na then I shouted hey!
heyyy!!! ……!!!! heyyyyyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
yyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyy… ……..
I still dey shout till now…, I never stop ooooo