No amount of fasting and prayer can make Nigeria better - Osinbajo

- Professor Yemi Osinbjo urged Nigeria to work towards being self-
- The acting president said no amount of prayers would change the
country around
- He urged civil servants not to hinder business owners' oath to success
Acting president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has said that Nigerians need to
put in hard work in order for the country to be good as no amount of fasting
and prayer would do so.
Vanguard reports that the acting president made this comment during an
interactive session with senior civil servants on the recently signed 3
executive orders on the ease of doing business in Nigeria held at the
International Conference Center in Abuja on Wednesday, May 24.
Osinbajo insisted that Nigeria needed to be food sufficient and one way to
do so is to rigorously engage in rice production.
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He said: “Great economies and great nations, prosperity and abundance
of nations and communities are created by men and not spirits. No matter
how much you pray or fast our country cannot grow without some of us
deciding to do the hardwork that makes Nations work.
“I am a pastor, a spiritual person, and I understand the law of sowing and
reaping. It is a spiritual law that has tremendous physical implications.
Every time that we delay, or frustrate what we can do today leaving it till
tomorrow, we hold back the future, we too must reap what we have sown by
experiencing delays. If you help others to achieve, if you help your
nation you have sown good seeds you will find help and you will prosper
“So don’t see this as government policy. understand it as personal policy.
Understand it as In the third executive order we address an issue which the
president, President Muhamadu Buhari has described as a cornerstone of
our economic policy. The Buy and Use Nigeria Policy. The President said
at the launch of the Economic Recovery and Growth plan that we must
grow what we eat and make what we use.
“Just to give an example, we eat a lot of rice, and we import most of it.
Yet we can grow enough rice to serve Africa. So we started a self
sufficiency in rice.”
He also spoke about the need for civil servants to also contribute to the
development of the country by making Nigerians access valuable
information and opportunities.