10 Tips You Need To Know About N-Power

NPOWER UPDATE what you need to know: 1. Site is now working perfectly and accessible. 2. Registration is now as simple as opening a Facebook account. The only difference is your bvn and acct info. 3. Make sure you pick at least one computer skill, or else forget about test invite.(secret between me and you) 4. Read your info very well before you click submit, if you submit with an error, there is no going back. 5. Keep your reference code safe, you will need it to complete your registration when the time comes. 6. Start reading basic English tests, current affairs and other things. 7. Always check your text message and email inbox at least once in a day. 8. 2017 npower is for graduates alone, don't waste your time if you are not. 9. Do not apply because you are unemployed or underemployed, apply because you want to make a difference. 10. If you are not interested in npower, kindly share this info for others who may have interest in the scheme.