6 great things many Christians do, but will not qualify them for heaven

1. Baptism For many christian denominations, baptism be it by sprinkling or by immersion, is a requirement to enter God's kingdom. Christ himself argued that except a man be born of the water and of the spirit, he cannot see heaven. Many Christians therefore believe that the moment they accept Christ and get baptized, then they are saved forever. But is once saved always saved? 2. Holy Communion Christ asked his disciples to symbolically eat of his flesh and drink of his blood, a practice done in remembrance of his death and the price he paid on Calvary. So at certain times, Christians get to partake of the holy communion. Ordinarily, an individual is supposed to be prepared and keep him or herself clean spiritually, before taking part in this exercise, but these days, many do not deem it necessary to sanctify themselves before the feast. 3. Prayer For many Christians this is their favorite, in that it helps them communicate to God the father like a friend, though when you see some pray, it seems like a war. Prayer is the means of communicating with heaven, having God hear as He says ask. It is sad though that there are many who have the gifts of prayer who in the end would not see the kingdom of God. 4. Paying tithes and offerings To Christians, this is about the best way to get blessings from God. Giving offerings and setting aside a tenth of ones income, many do this with joy and gladness, others rob God. There are some people who believe that so long as they give offerings and pay tithes, they are candidates for heaven, but is that so? 5. Healing the sick Healing the sick is part of Christ's injunction to his disciples, there are many who are physically and spiritually ill, they need to be made whole. This is a very important duty, however, there are many who go to church just for miracles and healing, it is quite questionable what happens after these people have received that which they seek. 6. Evangelism Winning souls for the kingdom of God is a big directive given to Christians in the bible. There are many evangelists these days and many churches which claim they are in the business of winning souls for the Lord, but are they really doing that, or getting followers for their pockets? Having gone through this list, one wonders why a person will do all these things and still not make heaven. The reason is quite simple, even Christ said in the end many who call him Lord will be cast away, because they only profess with their lips, but deep in their hearts and acts, they are far away.