How To Change The Version Of Any Android Phone Yourself

Changing OS or you mean it as upgrading OS is possible in different

Let me explain them here and of course there are more ways known to
some one he can always add.

1. One of the simplest way to upgrade from kitkat to lollipop is by using
OTA (Over the air) on device.

if your device is officially upgradable over
the air from kitkat to Lollipop then in the settings > about Phone>

Software Update will give you option to update your OS version.

2. Another way that is provided by some mobile companies is to
download the latest version of OS update available from their website
and linking your phone to PC via USB and using the specific tool for
your Phone given by your mobile company will do the job on single

3. and if your device is not capable or eligible for any of the two above,
you always have an option to root your device and install a custom ROM
having OS version Lollipop.

However, Rooting will void your warranty.