Reasons Why An Android Phone Is Better Than An IPhone

To cut the long story short, Below are Four Reasons i garnered as to Why an Android Phone Is better than an iPhone in terms of usage. 1. Sharing Files Made Easier With Other Devices - Imagine a situation where you happen to discover some files on your friend's phone and when the latter agree to share with you, then comes the trouble of iPhone comaptibility as we all know it's not easier sending files from an iPhone to a device that is not an iPhone. However if it's an Android phone, i can easily receive files from other device using Bluetooth or Xender app. Like Aderola15 can easily share "The Wedding Party Movie" from her chinko phone to my Android phone through bluetooth whereby reverse is the case on an iPhone. Even To connect to a computer self requires the itunes Software where all an Android phone needed is a USB Cord. 2. Affordability - If you're thinking of getting an iPhone, you'll need to prepare an amount of 100k to 200k and above whereby you can get an Android phone with just #15,000! Yet, that doesn't mean you're limited to enjoyment ooh. Meanwhile With your Android phone, you can Whatsapp Tracy, Video chat with Jude, Hit Tope up via facebook messenger, Surf Nairaland with Chrome/Firefox, and LOTS MORE! Indeed, Android had made things lots more easier! 3. Faster Technology Advancement and Upgrade - When it comes to advancement and upgrade, Android mobile phones moves faster than iPhone and this is simply because Google developed it and gave other manufacturers ability to made devices with the OS unlike iPhone which are only made by Apple! From Android 4 known as kitkat, Android 5 (Lollilop), Android 6 (Marshmarllow), Android 7 (Nougat), there are chances that more is still on it's way!