See The Top 7 Tech Innovations That Will Change The Future

The future is seemingly becoming more of a sci-fi movie. Nevertheless, each invention is taking a vital step in shaping our world. In this post I'll be listing out 7 innovations that will ultimately shape and revolutionize the future as we know it. 1. Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence is one of the key innovation that'll change how we use our smartphones and computers. In ATMs of the future, you'll be able to withdraw cash by simply communicating verbally with the machine. Security will be top notch. I'm guessing it's going to be Iris scanning that'll will be the next level of security. Apart from use of A.I in banks it can basically do almost everything for you with IOT (Internet Of Things) . These IOT devices can indefinitely change your life. You could ask the robots in your home to clean up the house, wash your clothes and do almost everything you request. It's just a matter of time. I do hope the Japanese scientists don't get to finish up the sex-robots else we'll be seeing another sexuality coming up soon - "The Robosexuals". It's weird enough that people are already doing things with animals and people of the same sex now we'll be seeing humans and machines. A.I is quite broad so I can't possibly cover everything under it. Oh well.. Let's keep our fingers crossed. 2. Virtual Reality Virtual reality is the next big thing. Companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony and Facebook are already competing to be the king of virtual reality in the world. Virtual reality will ultimately change how we watch movies and TV shows. Imagine you're watching a horror movie with a VR headset. I'm pretty sure that the level of horror would be at an almost realistic level unlike when you're just watching it on the TV screen. It'll also change gaming as well. The only thing I'm scared of is that VR maybe used as a weapon of war. You may just buy a war game to play without knowing that your actions are being replicated by a machine in one country. Every person you take down in the game is actually murdered in real life. Hopefully VR won't move towards that direction. 3. Chatbots Chatbots may be the end of customer care service. These bots are getting quite intelligent and smarter as everyday goes by. I've tried creating a Chatbot and trust me with the available tools, the bot was able to perform specific tasks and respond to certain queries. Chatbots may replace customer care agents as they would probably be able to respond to queries very quickly without compromise. There'll be nothing like an employee replying badly to you when you call them on phone but this may actually turn out to be one of the worst innovations if it actually replaces humans. Our smartphones are already making us text more and talk less. Chatbots will even make us text more and talk to machines more. 4.Wearables There are already a couple of wearables in the market and so far they've been nothing less than amazing. There are wearables that let women know when they're going to be pregnant, wearables that help people monitor sleep, wearables that monitor your health status and more. I'd say wearables will impact the health sector more than any other sector of the world. Ultimately wearables will be able to tell you when it's time to take your drugs and even suggest particular drugs based on the analysis it gets after checking your body condition and status. In terms of security, it may be used to track criminals. I'm already typing like I'm writing a sci-fi movie . Let's be real here, if I had told you in 1987 though I wasn't even existing by then.. That there'll be cars that drive themselves, you'll probably suggest that I go to a psychiatrist to get myself checked. So no matter how impossible this seems, it's very possible. 5. Drones Drones are also one of the new tech trends. In future, Drones might help you cover entire events and programs saving you the cost of calling a photographer or camera man. The major problem with Drones I've seen so far is that the battery's don't last more than a couple of hours but before then I hope it'll be fixed. Drones can also help deliver products effectively. It could be delivering blood samples to doctors or even delivering products you ordered. Although, I'm quite skeptical about using drones when ordering from Jumia in the future. I might just order a device to be delivered to Lekki and probably while the drone is flying over Ojuelegba one Agbero brings down the drone. It won't be funny seriously. Well I do hope the Drones can fly at a high altitude to avoid occurrences like that. 6. Web Assembly. Javascript has been constantly accused of making websites slow but Web assembly aims to change all that. Web Assembly is a faster way of rendering websites on browsers. WebAssembly is a highly touted effort that not only is set to run web apps in the browser at near-native speeds but also allow for other languages to be used for browser programming beyond Javascript WebAssembly provides fast load times for large codes and high performance. This will enable developers to bring functionality and experiences to the web that might have otherwise been gated on JavaScript. Since WebAssembly can be used as a library from JavaScript, JavaScript developers can utilize WebAssembly's performance through libraries and frameworks. 7. Live Streaming Live streaming is already available and we've seen how it connects us with our favorite celebrities. Now imagine combining live streaming in VR. You would be able to be in the same place with the person live streaming the video in VR. There are a lot of possibilities once live streaming is involved. You could join a live conference from the comfort of your home, attend a live lecture from anywhere in the world. Live Streaming will ultimately change how we connect with people.