Return or resign: Nigerians tell Buhari, as they plan to stage protest in London

- The protest leaders have reportedly submitted a petition to the Nigeria Police Force, asking for protection as they carry out their planned action

- They urge all participants of the protest to arrive at the designated venues before 9am in Abuja.

- The time for protest in London is 11am

- The group also extended an invitation to civil organizations (CSOs) and the general public, to the sit-out on August 7, 2017, in Nigeria and the UK capital, London, respectively Sit-out protests which would hole simultaneously in London and Abuja have been announced by a coalition of concerned Nigerians.

According to reports, the group will demand for the return of the president back to Nigeria, or for his resignation due to the fact that he is ill.

“In line with the provisions of Section 40 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria which guarantees the right to peaceful assembly, and in exercise of that right, we have therefore, written a letter to the Police and other relevant security agencies requesting for protection as we exercise our fundamental right as enshrined in the constitution," the group said.

Further to the statement, all participants were urged to convene at the stipulated venues before 9am in Abuja and before 11am in London.

Once there, they have been advised to demand that the president returns to Nigeria, or resigns due to incapacitation.

They further extended the invitation to other persons, stating: “We are inviting the general public, members of the press and Civil Society Organizations to our peaceful Daily Sit-Out that is scheduled to take place as follows; August 7th, 0900am at the Unity Fountain Abuja and August 7th, 11am at the Abuja House, London, United Kingdom.”

Buhari has taken up residence in the London address since May 7, as he tends to an undisclosed illness.