Passmark Website Development Technology

An Online College that gives their participants lectures from everywhere in the world.

recognize the critical need for effective leaders
at all levels of organizations in the country. As
part of our renewed effort to continue to
support and enhance the capacity and
capability of these organizations, we have put
measures in place to be a centre of excellence
for the development of leadership in both
public and private sector organizations. Our
overarching aspiration, as the foremost
management development institute in Nigeria,
is to create a critical mass of leaders at all
levels in the country with the burning passion,
integrity, creativity, character, intellect and
commitment to serve the country honestly,
efficiently, diligently, honourably and

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Website: www.passwebtech

Phone: +2348085151403

In addition to the various training
programmes, PWDT offers management
consultancy services to assist client
organizations to improve performance,
organizational design, strategy formulation,
work processes, methods and systems, and
implement planned change, among other
things. It also conducts action research as a
means of improving public and corporate
policies, development strategies, administrative
systems and promoting good practices among
organizations.As part of the College effort to
create an enabling environment for learning,
all training rooms in the College have been
fully fitted with modern furniture and state-
of-the-art equipment. In the same vein, all
participants’ accommodation have been
renovated and fully furnished to world class
standards.PWTD also provides 24/7 power
supply to ensure maximum comfort of
participants and staff.

We are an integrated web solution provision
firm all over the world with expertise in web
design, web development; web hosting, bulk
SMS, online marketing and other value added
services. Owned and staffed by seasoned web

Our Services

The Passmark Website Development Technology (PWTD) has three distinct areas of mandate
and these are:
(1) Training
(2) Research and
(3) Consultancy
The activities of Research and Consultancy are
coordinated by the Department of Research
and Consultancy. The Department is every
ready to attend to your needs in these areas,
any time, any day and any where you need her
services. The College is blessed with an
intimidating array of qualified, competent and
professionally well skilled Researchers and
Consultants who are ready to work with and
for you.
Our fees are quite affordable and competitive,
more over, they are negotiable. As seasoned
public servants, (PWTD) Researchers and
Consultants understand the public service too
well and as linkers of resources, we have a
very good working relationship with equally
competent officers in the Private Sector.
Contact (PWTD) , for assistance on any area of
Management Consulting today and you will be
glad for doing so. (PWTD) had the capacity and
the capability to conduct research and proffer
solutions to the problems of public
administration and management. The capacity
also extends to the private sector

Our Vision

Our vision for going into business is to build
an organization that excels in all its activities,
by setting new standards for service delivery.
To make products and services a joint venture
effort between us and our clients.