Why Ahmed Ibrahim Ayinde's Birthday is always on the 25th of September

It is simply because today is 25th of September 2017 and Mr. Ahmed Ibrahim Ayinde was Given Birth To This World on Sunday 25th of Sebtember 1994 thats all you need to know....


Message For Myself (Ahmed Ibrahim)

1. For the past 364 days, God has kept me alive until today. And I’m wishing He protects me more as I embark on another 364 days journey. Happy birthday to me.

2. Thank God I’m a year older today. It’s not been easy but I’m grateful. Happy birthday to me, myself and I.

3. I’m a year younger today so I’m wishing myself more of years like this. A happy person always.

4. My being alive today isn’t because I’m perfect but because I received God’s grace. Happy birthday to me.

5. With all the fibres in me, I’m Wishing myself a birthday full of happiness and accomplishment.

6. To the great God that has kept me alive until this day, I’ll forever be grateful. Happy birthday to me.

7. I’ve never for once stopped believing and won’t stop now. My future is bright. Happy birthday to me.

8. To I, myself, and me alone, I wish a memorable birthday. Happy birthday to me.

9. God has been more than good to me. He made me special and even more special on this special day. Happy birthday to myself.

10. When I was down and thought everyone left me, God stood by me and kept me till this day. It’s a grateful birthday.