Ways to Prevent Android from Getting too Hot 2018 version

Android phone gets heated when we are watching movies, playing games and calling for long time, especially when we are charging our Android. To solve the problems like "Why does my phone get hot?" you can follow the paragraphs below to see what may cause phone overheating and how to solve battery overheating issue.

Causes of Android Phone/ Tablet Overheating

1. CPU & GPU of Android phone gets full because of too much apps.
2. 2G/3G/4G and Wi-Fi network usage.
3. Faulty battery or charger.
4. Software upgrade.

Solution 2: Solutions of Android Overheating

1. Uninstall Unnecessary Apps:

Apps will still run in background silently even when you close them. The apps on your Android phone will overfill your Android and affect the normal operation of the CPU & GPU. Uninstall apps that you think is unnecessary now.

2. Delete App Cache and Junk Files:

Too much cache and junk files will fill up internal storage of Android phone and heat up your Android battery. To stop this, you just need to clear cache and junk files in Android settings page so as to cut off RAM access.

3. Boost up Android RAM:

Besides clearing app cache, you can also use other Android data manager to remove built-in bloatware, compress photos, free up memory to optimize your Android phone/tablet.

4. Turn off Networks and Hotspots:

When network connection and hotspots are being used, the CPU of our Android phone has to work harder, especially when there’s a low network signal. Thus, the battery will reduce faster and gets hotter. To cool down Android battery, we’d better turn off 4G/LTE/3G/2G network and Wi-Fi hotspots when we are not using it.

5. Set GSM as Network Mode:

Avoid using WCDMA or LTE when your Android is getting hot. Choose “GSM” mode because it receive better network signal and reduce the load of CPU.

6. Avoid Using faulty battery or charger:

Faulty battery and charger will be very dangerous because it gets super hot when you are using your phone or charging. Even though it is not a faulty charger/battery, if you use a quick charger for an Android device that doesn’t supports quick charge, it is very likely that the battery will explode because of overheated. So, use original equipment manufacturer for your Android phone and never use your phone when you are charging it.

7. Get Rid of Phone Case:

Even though phone case can personalize our Android phone and protect the phone frame from being broken. However, there’s a fatal shortcoming of using phone case, especially phone holster and silicone phone case, which will affect heat dispersion.