Joke : Akpos The Illiterate Footballer

Akpors is a footballer who plays for one of the leading clubs in the world.

His team-mates advised him to prepare answers in advance for post-match interviews because his English isn’t that good.

They had a few mock interviews, and told him to answer exactly the same way during the live interviews because they usually ask the same questions. But it backfired spectacularly, as this never-before-seen interview shows.

REPORTER: Akpors, firstly, I hear that your wife is pregnant. That’s fantastic news, Congratulations!

Akpors: Yes, thank you. All credits goes to my teammates. Everyone worked hard for it, especially JOHNNY .

It was a tight situation when he came in, but his performance was great, with the help from Herhm Jay, who looked like he was really enjoying himself.

Special thanks to Omobolarinwa Olayade for finding space from impossibly tight angles.

And not forgetting Moose Olesi, who showed lots of energy when everyone was tired.The reporter fainted!