5 Things You Must Do In 2018 To Succeed In 2019

As we are in few minutes to move to the new year 2019, there are some characters or let me say habits that we really need to extinguish before proceeding into the virgin new year.

As a human, we can not have the same attitude or character or behavior. Nonetheless, it is quite challenging that some of these has cause serious failure in the life of many people. But, many people always think that their bad, thinking is a good one will lead them to somewhere great. But we are all wrong.

You may be thinking, what are my bad habits, that I think it is good one. Here are some habits which you should always check on and count on.

Hidden Bad Habits

1. Wasting Time On What Is Not Necessary:
Many people use their valuable time on something that does have little or no value at all, like sleeping all time when others are busy working.

2. Never Want To Take A Risk:
You will never wants to take any risk or try something bigger i.e. to do more than expected. Your friends and family members all dream bigger of you, they want you to do it better than your dad and mom.

3. Always Keep Your Head Below:
Some people don't have the braveness ability to talk or speak among others especially in a crowded or public place.

4. Never Get Deceived By Other People's Wealth:
People do make mistake of been deceived by others rich, without knowing the source.

5. Not Praying On things You Do:
It is a very bad habit if you do not pray.

What Habits Do You Need Before Proceeding To 2019

1. Always Spend Your Time Wisely:
There is an adage proverb which say "Time is Money", the wisely you spend it, the more it favours you. Make sure your use your time on valuable things.

2. Try To Take A Very Big Risk :
Take a very big step and dream big, always have the intention of high posts or positions. Taking risk, by luck or fate, you may end up winning big (doesn't mean betting) in the race of life.

3. Always Try To Say Something (Reasonable):
Don't be shy to say your mind, let it out even if you may be wrong. It gives you the strength and boldness/braveness to rule your thought and mind and you will be free from shyness altitude.

4. Be contented with what you have:
A man should not be looking at what other people use or spend and started having low self-esteem or low thinking about his or her future. By doing this, it will make your a person who has everything within is command because he will be okay with the little he have.

5. Keep Up With Prayers:
Man need everything in life and one thing that will make all those things a possible dream. Prayers is like giving the fate a face-lift, it makes the bad fate a good one and increase the possibility of good fate. Don't quote me wrong, am not trying to be godly. But you must pray.

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