How To Check All Bonuses And Data Plans At Once On MTN

Over the years, MTN has been one of the most used Service Provider both on internet and on call based, they have offered many good and effective service delivery to their customers.

But, no matter how good something is, there would always be a shortcomings of it.

Many user find it very difficult to use their services because of too many service code, even beyond what you can remember. There is a time when I was still very young, that I have a special diary for their codes.

But few month ago in 2018, they took their time to looked into it, and they came up with something great.

A single code, that if you dial it, all information concerning your data (data balance, bonus, plan type, expired date).

The code is *131*4#

Dialing this code you will get response in few seconds unless there is a service problem.

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