How To Prevent Unauthorized Users From Accessing Your Social Media Account

Using social has now become day-to-day activities of many individual. Through it we make new friends if without knowing each other and it is always been people from a very far distance.

With all the these advantages, there are some reason why some people don't really love using the social media. Many say it is because of the insecurity of their information on the platform.

Most of the social media is very secure, e.g. Facebook, G+, e.t.c, but the way users make use of it, makes their data vulnerable to theft and hackers.

If you can't secure your data online, then how will you be able to keep information, if given to you from someone or an organization. Your data is something, you should keep very safe if you don't want your details leaks to others.

I personally, choose Facebook because it is used by Billions of users many have always get depressed when they see their account is being hacked or they started seen some post which is not by them on their prospective account.

In this post you will seen some minor tips that you can use and apply to prevent an unknown or unauthorized users having access to your details.

1. Do Not Login Using An Unsecured Devices or Network
Signing in on an unsecured platform will give hackers or robots to have access to your account details.

Some browsers like Google Chrome has been design securely to the extend that it can detect and tells a secured or unsecured network i.e. - indicates that you are using a secure network and - indicates that you are using an unsecure network.

2. Use The Hide Password Features Of App or Browser
Technology is advancing everyday, many developer always add a feature to help you hide your password when you are around people. Doing this will prevent unauthorized access to your account.

3. Always Sign Out After Using Someone Else Device To Login
Many people always made this mistake, when they did not use their phone or computer to browse. Even after login out some PC browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox e.t.c. can store password if you click yes when login.

4. Always Check Link Of The Site You Wants To Use
Some young hackers, do use fake or duplicate of the original site with exactly the same design and they will promise you a reward or prize after login with your Facebook or Gmail Account.

The link may look confusing i.e. and

Doing all this above may safe your account and your valuable data.