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Have a look at Hushpuppi Chicago prison room

The popular Instagram celebrity who is alleged of fraudulent acts Ramon Abbas fondly called Hushpuppi is housed in the Metropolitan correctional center, Chicago prison after his extradition from the middle east to the united states of America.
A few weeks ago, Hushpuppi was arrested by the
Police after several investigations were conducted against the alleged BEC fraudster. Hushpuppi was later extradited to the United States since those he defrauded does not reside in the
. He later appeared in the court for the first
last Friday. If found guilty, he would be subjected to 20 years imprisonment.
The US Government’s Department of Justice has published on its website the schedule of Hushpuppi. He is slated to be transferred to Los Angeles for his trial.
The Federal Bureau of Prisons also confirms the present location of the alleged fraudster, as Hushpuppi is being held in the Metropolitan correctional center, Chicago.
See the facility in which Hushpuppi is being held in Metropolitan correctional center, Chicago pending till his trial in Los Angeles.

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