Must Have Google Devices Manufactured In 2020

Google has been known to be one of the best information technology company that offers most online solutions to students, teachers, business owners, even the governments all over the world.

I could remember very well the day i almost got lost, i was able to find my way to my destination with the help of Google Map which shows me exactly how close to where I'm going.

Google are exceptionally outstanding when it comes to information technology system.

Since the third month of this year 2020, most countries all over the world has been in caos due to the inevitable natural disasters Covid-19 pandemic, yet Google find a way to please their customers and fans by providing uninterrupted service.

They have released some must have devices and gadget to their undying fans to meet up for the year and at a very affordable price. Very few of them will be discussed

1. Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Security Camera

The Nest Cam IQ was a specially designed and incredible i-tech home security camera that has face recognize features. This enables it to alert you if there's a stranger in your apartment or store. The camera also has a buult8 Google Assistant. it can also be used as a smart-home hub.

The Cam IQ has a 4K HDR-capable stable sensor that enables the camera to capture Full HD footage and zoom toward an object with very accurate and excellent results. The gadget also supports two-way communication tru built-in microphones and a powerful speaker.

2. Google Nest Protect Smart Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm
The amazing Google Nest Protect smoke detector has a cool design and simple gesture controls, as well as the fast ability to send alerts to your phone when it senses any smoke or fire.

The device's built-in sensors has a very long life span up to 10 years, and it comes in battery-powered or a hardwired variant.

3. Google Pixel Buds
The Google Pixel wireless Buds have a very sleek design, an ear fit with a workout-friendly IPX4 rating for full water resistance, and ultimate sound. It can be ordered in several colors, including the recently introduced Almost Black, Mint, and Orange.

4. Google Nest Secure Alarm System
The Google Nest Security Alarmrm System has sleek design, easy setup and usage. Its starter pack includes a smart hub with a keypad and a powerful siren, two sensors that you can use on doors or windows, and two Nest tags. The tags allow you to seamlessly arm and disarm the alarm system by tapping the main hub, saving you the effort of entering a passcode.

As expected from a Google Nest product, the Secure alarm system allows you to integrate one of the company's cameras into it. You can also add more sensors and Nest tags if needed.

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